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A stakeholder solutions firm with intelligence and strategy capabilities

Penta is a new firm that brings together Hamilton Place Strategies, Flag Media Analytics, Ballast Research, alva, Decode_M, and Gotham Research Group, following a year of exciting partnerships supported by a majority capital investment by Falfurrias Capital Partners. As executives in the C-Suite account for a growing set of engaged stakeholders—all with distinct, fast-changing demands—we will work with their teams to define, inform, and strengthen decision-making and understanding. Penta will combine analytics and research with deep issue and communications expertise to deliver actionable insights and drive measurable impact for our clients. The newly formed firm will have a global reach, with initial offices in Washington, D.C., New York City, San Francisco, and London.”



December 2020
Ballast Research acquisition and appointment of Alexander Jutkowitz and Beth Comstock as Board members
June 2021
Ballast Research announces partnership with Hamilton Place Strategies and Flag Media Analytics, bringing together data-driven public affairs and relationship management offerings across an increasingly complex policy landscape.
July 2021
Ballast Research and Hamilton Place Strategies announced their partnership with alva, the leading stakeholder intelligence platform. The partnership was supported by a majority investment in alva by Falfurrias Capital, formalizing the relationship between the leaders across corporate stakeholder management.
June 2022
Gotham Research Group Joins Ballast Research, Hamilton Place Strategies, Flag Media Analytics, and alva. Gotham adds a new dimension to the platform created by Ballast, HPS, Flag, and alva, as it grows into a comprehensive menu of services to help companies manage their relationships and reputations with all stakeholders.
September 2022
Acquisition of Decode-M - The Decode-M team will be an essential part of helping clients understand "What's Next?" to drive growth and identify risks and opportunities for their businesses.
September 2022
Penta Group launches combining Ballast Research, Hamilton Place Strategies, Flag Media Analytics, alva, Gotham Research Group, and Decode_M into one entity to offer unrivaled intelligence and strategy to the world's leading companies.
December 2022
Penta expands global footprint with acquisition of Hume Brophy. This acquisition further expands Penta's global reach and consolidates the company's position as the world's first comprehensive stakeholder solutions firm.
March 2023
Penta increases its ability to bring stakeholder engagement strategy to leading companies, public entities, and foundations with the acquisition of Copperfield Advisory.

Add-on Acquisitions

Hamilton Place Strategies:  Hamilton Place Strategies (HPS) is an analytical public affairs consulting firm.  The firm works on complex issues in highly regulated  industries, partnering with clients to advance their most important priorities.

Flag Media Analytics:  Flag Media Analytics (Flag) is a next-generation news monitoring service; we use both professionals and technology to support clients.  The Flag process is designed to inform the decision-making cycle for media engagement and improve planning, feedback, and reporting for public affairs and communications teams.

alvaalva combines AI technology with sector expertise to provide a fully integrated intelligence solution to corporations, the investment industry and advisory firms covering ESG, risk, reputation, media and board intelligence.

Gotham Research Group:  Gotham Research Group is a full-service research and consulting firm advising corporations, non-profit organizations, and electoral campaigns on issues of communication, reputation, and strategy.

Decode M:  Decode M brings innovative research methodologies and advanced analytics capabilities along with their proprietary MFactor tool that measures the cultural momentum of brands, products, people, and movements.

Hume Brophy:  A global public affairs, communications, and strategy firm that provides cutting edge consultancy, digital, and reputation management services to clients in the corporate, public, and non-profit sectors.

Copperfield Advisory:  A communications, brand, and strategy consulting firm that serves leading institutions in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.