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Software and Hardware for Grid Modernization

North American T&D Group (NATDG) is the parent company of Instrument Transformer Equipment Corporation (ITEC) and Advanced Control Systems (ACS). ITEC and ACS were acquired by Falfurrias Capital in March of 2013 and March of 2014, respectively. NATDG provides software, equipment and services to electric utilities and industrial operators to support automation and other mission critical processes within their transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Add-on Acquisitions

Instrument Transformer Equipment Corporation: Instrument Transformer Equipment Corporation (TEC) was founded in 1993 and is based in Monroe, North Carolina. ITEC manufactures instrument transformer products used in revenue metering and protective relaying applications by electric utilities and industrial power operators in the United States and internationally.

Advanced Control Systems, Inc.:  Since 1975, ACS has been a supplier of utility automation software and systems used throughout the world. ACS develops and implements supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, energy management systems, distribution management systems, and system components for electric, gas, and water utilities. ACS is the only company currently capable of providing SCADA, DMS, OMS, and other applications in a single platform.


March 2013
NATDG formation and Dave Pacyna hired as Chief Executive Officer
March 2013
Instrument Transformer Equipment Corporation investment, representing the first acquisition underneath NATDG
March 2014
Advanced Control Systems acquisition as a divestiture from Efacec
June 2014
ACS divested its real estate assets
NATDG is sold to financial and strategic buyers

Operational Value-Add

  • Added management team depth by hiring several key executives including a CEO, CFO, and Presidents and Head of Sales of each operating company
  • Implemented a new, common back-office enterprise resource planning (ERP) system across both ITEC and ACS. Company-wide ERP system added job and project-level costing, as well as KPI tracking and benchmarking
  • Identified and led diligence on numerous potential add-on acquisitions