Local Hive

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100% Pure Raw, Unfiltered Natural Honey

Local Hive™ is a leading brand of raw and unfiltered honey in the United States. With a unique business model that features contracted local honey supply and rigorous quality control testing, Local Hive markets 23 raw and unfiltered honey varietals based on the unique pollens that reflect different U.S. geographies.  The origins of Local Hive™ date back to 1924, when L.R. Rice founded Rice’s Lucky Clover Honey in Greeley, Colorado. The family-owned business spent decades sourcing high-quality raw and unfiltered honey while establishing relationships with local beekeepers across the country.  Falfurrias Capital Partners invested in Local Hive in September 2021, and Falfurrias Partners Ken Walker and Chip Johnson along with advisors, Mary-Ann Somers and Bill Lovette joined the Board of Directors.


September 28, 2021
Falfurrias Capital Partners acquires Local Hive Honey, and Partners Ken Walker, Chip Johnson, and advisors, Bill Lovette and Mary-Ann Somers join the Board.