H Code Media

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Assisting brands in telling their stories through a culturally relevant lens

Founded in 2015, H Code is the largest Hispanic digital media company in the United States. Committed to reaching all multicultural audiences at scale, H Code strives to leverage its learnings, brand equity, and expertise to shape the future of media by building a diverse company and unlocking multicultural audiences through data and authentic creative and content. Backed by its proprietary intelligence platform that derives insights from a robust influencer network and the largest Hispanic and Black digital panels, H Code delivers the most impactful, data-driven strategies to effectively reach and influence multicultural audiences online with unmatched authenticity.  Falfurrias Capital invested in H Code in August 2021, and CEO and Co-Founder Parker Morse was joined by Joe Price and Wilson Sullivan as members of the Board of Directors.


August 30, 2021
H Code acquisition and the appointment of Alexander Jutkowitz as Executive Chairman of the Board