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Engineering Air For A Cleaner World

GPS Air is a leading provider of innovative air purification devices designed to improve indoor air quality while reducing energy costs associated with commercial, residential and industrial HVAC system operations. Falfurrias Capital closed a platform investment in GPS Air in September 2018 and announced Glenn Brinckman as CEO.


September 2018
Falfurrias investment in GPS Air; named Ken Walker as Executive Chairman
Q4 2018
Named Glenn Brinckman as CEO and Blake Frawley as VP of Finance

Operational Value add

  • Created a GPS Technology & Innovation Center to showcase new and existing products, as well as educate customers on product capabilities and value proposition
  • Integrated new ERP systems and software tools to streamline commercial efforts, operations, and financial management
  • Expanded commercial footprint through partnerships with leading HVAC original equipment manufacturers and Indoor Air Quality providers