Dorsey Wright & Associates

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A leading advisor to Wall Street for over 25 years

Dorsey Wright & Associates (DWA) is a market leader providing data analytics, passive indexing, and smart beta research to professional financial advisors and leading asset managers worldwide. DWA’s investment models power numerous exchange-traded and mutual funds. Falfurrias Capital acquired DWA in November of 2011 and held the company for more than three years. In January of 2015, Falfurrias sold Dorsey Wright to Nasdaq.


November 2011
Dorsey Wright & Associates acquisition
From 2011 to 2014
The AUM of Dorsey Wright indexed products grows from $1.7 billion to over $5 billion and DWA becomes the leading global momentum-based index provider
March 2014
Launched the First Trust Focus Five ETF, the most successful ETF launch of the year
January 2015
Agreed to sell Dorsey Wright to strategic acquirer, Nasdaq

Operational Value add

  • Appointed Hugh McColl as chairman and recruited the former president of a leading ETF sponsor to the board of directors of Dorsey Wright
  • Restructured subscription product pricing and packaging leading to increases in contribution margin
  • Implemented a full, best-of-breed, front- and back-office software platform resulting in increased lead conversion, subscription management efficiency, and overall management visibility into the business
  • Assisted in the rewrite of the technology platform, which supports DWA’s Point and Figure subscription services and indexing business