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Capital Bank Financial Corp. (CBFC) is a national bank holding company that was incorporated in 2009 by former Bank of America Corp executives Gene Taylor and Chris Marshall to acquire troubled banks. During Falfurrias’ investment period, CBFC acquired the assets of several banks including TIB Financial Corp, MetroBank, Turnberry Bank, and Green Bankshares. Falfurrias Capital sold its interest in CBFC in October of 2013. CBFC now trades on the Nasdaq exchange under the ticker symbol CBF.


January 2010
North American Financial Holdings (NAFH) investment
June 2011
Capital Bank Corporation was merged with and into NAFH, allowing NAFH to change its name to Capital Bank
September 2012
Capital Bank completed its initial public offering and began trading on the Nasdaq exchange under the ticker CBF
October 2013
Falfurrias Capital sold its shares in the company

Operational Value-Add

Marc Oken held an active board member role throughout Falfurrias’ investment period.

Assisted with the sourcing and execution of successful investments and supported the continued growth of Capital Bank.

Falfurrias received multiple inbound, highly-relevant acquisition opportunities that helped augment Capital Bank’s pipeline of new investment opportunities and further build a high quality deposit base.