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Reputational Data to Assist Policy Engagement and Communication

Founded in 2013, Ballast Research is an independent, non-partisan team of consultants, researchers, and former policymakers who are passionate about driving more effective policy engagement and communications. They provide direct feedback from senior policymakers to government relations professionals and corporate executives, helping advocates make better use of policymakers’ time. Falfurrias Capital acquired Ballast Research in December 2020. Mike Gottlieb continues to lead the Company delivering data-driven insights for policymakers and to expand its support for stakeholder and reputation management.


December 2020
Ballast Research acquisition and appointment of Alexander Jutkowitz and Beth Comstock as Board members
June 2021
Ballast Research announces partnership with Hamilton Place Strategies and Flag Media Analytics, bringing together data-driven public affairs and relationship management offerings across an increasingly complex policy landscape.
July 2021
Ballast Research and Hamilton Place Strategies announced their partnership with alva, the leading stakeholder intelligence platform. The partnership was supported by a majority investment in alva by Falfurrias Capital, formalizing the relationship between the leaders across corporate stakeholder management.

Add-on Acquisition

Hamilton Place Strategies:  Hamilton Place Strategies (HPS) is an analytical public affairs consulting firm.  The firm works on complex issues in highly regulated  industries, partnering with clients to advance their most important priorities.

Flag Media Analytics:  Flag Media Analytics (Flag) is a next-generation news monitoring service; we use both professionals and technology to support clients.  The Flag process is designed to inform the decision-making cycle for media engagement and improve planning, feedback, and reporting for public affairs and communications teams.

alva:  alva combines AI technology with sector expertise to provide a fully integrated intelligence solution to corporations, the investment industry and advisory firms covering ESG, risk, reputation, media and board intelligence.