Operational Focus

Operational Focus describes the way the Falfurrias team partners with management teams to leverage its significant, real-world experience to create lasting value through proven processes.

The Falfurrias team has decades of hands-on experience running successful businesses across multiple industries. As a result, Falfurrias understands that value creation requires far more than financial acumen. To build long-term value and sustainable profitability, the Falfurrias team develops a concrete understanding of a portfolio company's core operations and partners with management to develop a growth plan grounded in the company's core strengths.

As part of Falfurrias' Operational Focus, measurable contributions are made to its portfolio companies that are the product of the collective operational expertise unique to the Falfurrias team. These contributions include: implementing risk reduction plans, introducing relevant technology enhancements, launching new product lines, providing execution support, developing best-in-class tracking metrics, and recruiting proven management—all with the goal of building lasting value.

  • Recruited new chief executive officer and board members
  • Established and supported an aggressive store expansion strategy
  • Established comprehensive pricing optimization
  • Implemented enhanced technology capabilities for Human Resources
  • Implemented enhanced store-level recruitment processes
  • Developed an acquisition strategy and integration of seventeen franchisees
  • Materially restructured the balance sheet
Randy Kibler

Falfurrias Capital invested in Bojangles' in 2007 and hired Randy Kibler as CEO from the onset of the partnership. Over the next four years, Falfurrias worked with Mr. Kibler and his executive team to grow the business through various operational and expansion initiatives.

Dorsey Wright
  • Recruited a new CFO and the former CEO of a major asset management brand to the DWA board of directors
  • Restructured pricing and packaging of DWA's core subscription product offering
  • Reduced annual expenses over $1 million through the realignment of incentive compensation
  • Developed key performance indicators and management dashboards
  • Led an initiative to implement an enterprise software platform to automate front and back office processes at DWA
  • Assisted in the modernization of the company's technology-enabled subscription platform
Tammy Derosier

Falfurrias Capital invested in Dorsey Wright & Associates (DWA) in November of 2011. During Falfurrias' investment period, the FCP team worked closely with Tammy DeRosier to drive initiatives to grow the business. This included restructuring product pricing & packaging, recruiting key executive team members, and implementing an enterprise-wide information system to facilitate growth.

American Safety Council
  • Recruited a new management team including a chief marketing officer, chief technology officer, and chief financial officer
  • Sourced and helped select the marketing agency charged with developing a new digital marketing strategy
  • Acquired The Online Traffic School, Inc. (OLTS), Professional Bartending Schools of America (PBSA), and Huckleberry Notary
  • Facilitated the integration of each of these acquisitions into the American Safety Council platform business
  • Selected the software and assisted with the development of a business intelligence platform for course, program, and category profitability
John Comly

Falfurrias Capital invested in American Safety Council in May of 2014 and subsequently hired John Comly as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Comly and the Falfurrias Operating Partners continue to work together on several growth initiatives, as well as identifying and integrating add-on acquisitions such as The Online Traffic School, Professional Bartending Schools of America (PBSA), and Huckleberry Notary.

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