Partners for Growth

Industry First

Industry First is the proprietary, research-based process through which the Falfurrias team identifies attractive growth markets and partners with talented industry executives to build growth businesses.

Susan Faulkner

Susan Faulkner has over 30 years experience in the financial services industry and expertise across bank strategy and operations as a former executive with Bank of America. Ms. Faulkner led FCP's tech-enabled services for financial institutions industry first campaign and was immediately appointed CEO of Marquis Software Solutions upon the firm's investment in the business in September, 2016.

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Operational Focus

Operational Focus describes the way the Falfurrias team partners with management teams to leverage its significant, real-world experience to create lasting value through proven processes.

John Comly

Falfurrias Capital invested in American Safety Council in May of 2014 and subsequently hired John Comly as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Comly and the Falfurrias Operating Partners worked together on several growth initiatives, as well as identifying and integrating add-on acquisitions such as The Online Traffic School, Professional Bartending Schools of America (PBSA), and Huckleberry Notary. Falfurrias sold ASC to Ridgemont Equity Partners in June 2020.

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Portfolio Companies

Since 2006, Falfurrias has invested in well-positioned businesses in high-growth markets, creating a portfolio of companies that show consistent growth in revenue and profitability, while building market share through add-on acquisitions.

  • Founded in 2013, Ballast Research is an independent, non-partisan team of consultants, researchers, and former policymakers who are passionate about driving more effective policy engagement and communications. They provide direct feedback from senior policymakers to government relations professionals and corporate executives, helping advocates make better use of policymakers' time. Falfurrias Capital acquired Ballast Research in December 2020. Mike Gottlieb continues to lead the Company delivering data-driven insights for policymakers and to expand its support for stakeholder and reputation management.

  • Crosslake Technologies works to transform organizations and optimize software delivery. The Company's information technology and software development services include transformational roadmaps, technical assessments, organizational optimizations, quality assurance acceleration, DevOps, and IT operations. In January 2021, Falfurrias announced an investment in Crosslake and that Founder Russ Albright would continue to lead the software consulting firm.

  • Industry Dive, headquartered in Washington, D.C., was formed in January 2012 to provide news and trends for industry leaders through convenient mobile apps and websites. Now one of the business world's fastest-growing sources of journalism, Industry Dive serves 7 million decision-makers through 22 daily online publications covering news and providing insights in 19 different industries ranging from retail and waste to supply chain and banking. Falfurrias Capital acquired a majority equity interest in the Company in August 2019.

  • Sauer Brands is a 130 year-old manufacturer of branded and private label condiments, spices, seasonings, and extracts. The Company's most well-known domestic brands include Duke's mayonnaise and The Spice Hunter. The Company is headquartered in Richmond, VA with additional manufacturing facilities in Greenville, SC, San Luis Obispo, CA, and New Century, KS, Falfurrias Capital acquired Sauer Brands, Inc. in August 2019.

  • SixAxis is the world leader in the design and production of metal stairs and platforms, rolling and mobile assembly and maintenance platforms, bulk loading platforms, and other equipment to aid customers with safety and efficiency across a diverse range of industries and applications. The SixAxis family of brands includes SafeRack, ErectaStep, RollaStep, YellowGate, SmartTech, and ErectaRack, among others. Falfurrias Capital acquired SixAxis in September 2017.

  • Best Impressions is a premier catering and event management company serving the Charlotte Metropolitan area since 1989. Best Impressions specializes in providing culinary services for corporate events, social events, and weddings. With the addition of Duvall Catering & Events out of Charleston, S.C, Falfurrias and Best Impressions have launched a platform to partner with top caterers across the Southeast.

  • Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) is a leading provider of innovative air purification devices designed to improve indoor air quality while reducing energy costs associated with commercial, residential and industrial HVAC system operations. Falfurrias Capital closed a platform investment in GPS in September 2018 and announced Glenn Brinckman as CEO.

  • Tax Guard is the leading provider of proprietary data and services that help lenders accurately assess tax-related credit risk associated with potential borrowers. Tax Guard is the first company in the U.S. to give lenders real-time insights into a client's hidden tax liabilities, information typically not available to lenders unless and until the IRS files a tax lien. Falfurrias Capital acquired Tax Guard in April of 2018.

  • E-Technologies Group (E-Tech) is a leading provider of software and automation systems integration & engineering design services for a diverse roster of blue-chip customers in categories ranging from pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods, to logistics and food and beverage. Falfurrias Capital acquired E-Tech in January of 2018.

  • American Safety Council (ASC) is a market leader in the engineering, authoring, and delivery of e-Learning training solutions for traffic, workplace safety, testing, medical continuing education, and other regulatory-driven end markets. Falfurrias Capital acquired ASC in May of 2014 and integrated 5 add-on acquisitions during its investment period. Falfurrias sold ASC to Ridgemont Equity Partners in June 2020.

  • Marquis Software Solutions is the largest provider of data analytics software, services, and consulting to financial institutions around the world, Marquis has provided scalable, results-driven marketing, sales, and compliance solutions to banks and credit unions for over 25 years. Falfurrias Capital acquired Marquis in September, 2016.

  • FM Expressions is a technology-based manufacturing and distribution company in the custom apparel space. The company utilizes state-of-the-art European pre-press automation, combined with digital art management and proprietary automation technology, to service fast turn screen print and heat transfer customers. Falfurrias Capital announced its investment in FM Expressions in July 2016.

  • RegEd is the leading provider of regulatory compliance software solutions and services. With more than 400 enterprise clients, the company's solutions enable financial services firms to efficiently comply with state, federal, FINRA and other regulations impacting broker-dealers, insurance companies and insurance brokers. RegEd solutions drive new levels of operational efficiency and enable firms to cost-effectively comply with regulations and mitigate risk. Falfurrias Capital acquired RegEd in July of 2015. After a 3.5 year investment period, Falfurrias sold RegEd to Gryphon Investors in December 2018.

  • Bojangles' is one of the largest operators and franchisors of chicken quick service restaurants in the United States, with over 600 restaurants located throughout the southeastern United States. Falfurrias Capital acquired Bojangles' in September of 2007 and grew the business significantly before selling the company to Advent International in August of 2011. Bojangles' now trades on the Nasdaq exchange under the ticker symbol BOJA.

  • Dorsey Wright & Associates (DWA) is a market leader providing data analytics, passive indexing, and smart beta research to professional financial advisors and leading asset managers worldwide. DWA's investment models power numerous exchange-traded and mutual funds. Falfurrias Capital acquired DWA in November of 2011 and held the company for more than three years. In January of 2014, Falfurrias sold Dorsey Wright to Nasdaq.

  • GlynnDevins is a fully-integrated marketing communications agency that provides a complete set of marketing services to Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs). GlynnDevins offers strategic consulting, creative development, media planning and buying, print and digital production, and data analysis to the in-market the company serves. Falfurrias Capital acquired GlynnDevins in June of 2015. After a 3.5 year investment period, Falfurrias sold GlynnDevins to CIP Capital in December 2018.

  • North American T&D Group (NATDG) is the parent company of Instrument Transformer Equipment Corporation (ITEC) and Advanced Control Systems (ACS). ITEC and ACS were acquired by Falfurrias Capital in March of 2013 and March of 2014, respectively. NATDG provides software, equipment, and services to electric utilities and industrial operators to support automation and other mission-critical processes within their transmission and distribution infrastructure. NATDG was later sold to financial and strategic buyers in 2018.

  • UC Synergetic (UCS) is a Fort Mill, South Carolina company providing engineering, technical and consulting services to the electric utility and telecommunications industries. Falfurrias Capital invested in UCS in May of 2007 and subsequently acquired two additional businesses during its investment period. Falfurrias ultimately sold UCS to a strategic acquirer, Pike Electric Corporation, in July of 2012.

  • Commercial Credit Group, Inc. (CCG) is one of the leading financial services companies that finance industrial and commercial equipment through secured loans in the commercial construction, waste, and fleet transportation industries. Falfurrias Capital acquired CCG in September of 2009 and later sold the business to Lovell Minnick Partners in late 2011.

  • Capital Bank Financial Corp. (CBFC) is a national bank holding company that was incorporated in 2009 by former Bank of America Corp. executives Gene Taylor and Chris Marshall to acquire troubled banks. During Falfurrias' investment period, CBFC acquired the assets of several banks, including TIB Financial Corp, MetroBank, Turnberry Bank, and Green Bankshares. Falfurrias Capital sold its interest in CBFC in October of 2013. CBFC now trades on the Nasdaq exchange under the ticker symbol CBF.

Our Team

Since 2006, FCP has built an experienced and operationally-focused team with private equity, entrepreneurial, and senior executive experience.

Mr. McColl is the Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Falfurrias Capital Partners.Prior to founding the firm, Mr. McColl was Chairman a... Read More

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Hugh McColl

Chairman Emeritus

Mr. Oken serves as Chairman of Falfurrias Capital and has been responsible for managing the FCP portfolio since inception and building ... Read More

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Marc Oken


Mr. McMahan has served as a Partner at Falfurrias Capital since its founding in 2006 and as its Managing Partner since 2018. Mr. McMaha... Read More

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Ed McMahan

Managing Partner

Mr. Walker currently serves as the Chairman of the Investment Committee of Falfurrias Capital Partners. Mr. Walker began his profession... Read More

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Chet Walker

Investment Committee Chair

Mr. Price joined Falfurrias Capital Partners as a Partner with Fund IV. Prior to joining the firm, he assisted with the FCP Portfolio l... Read More

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Joe Price


Mr. Walker joined Falfurrias Capital Partners full-time with Fund IV. Prior to joining the firm as a Partner, he assisted with the FCP ... Read More

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Ken Walker


Mr. Schonberg joined Falfurrias Capital Partners in October of 2006. Prior to joining the firm, he served as Chief Financial Officer o... Read More

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JJ Schonberg


Wilson Sullivan served as an Associate at Falfurrias Capital Partners from 2007-2009 before returning to business school to earn his MB... Read More

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Wilson Sullivan


Mr. Johnson re-joined Falfurrias Capital Partners in 2016 and was promoted to Partner in January 2021. Previously, Mr. Johnson was Chie... Read More

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Chip Johnson


Mr. Pierson joined Falfurrias Capital Partners in 2014 and was later promoted to Principal in 2018 and Partner in January 2021. Previou... Read More

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Geordie Pierson


Mr. Cummings joined Falfurrias Capital Partners in October of 2007. He has over thirty years of professional operating experience wi... Read More

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Rob Cummings

Managing Director

Mr. Jordan joined Falfurrias Capital Partners in June 2019. Prior to joining the firm, he served as Chief Financial Officer of Bojangle... Read More

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John Jordan

Managing Director

Ms. Higgins joined Falfurrias Capital Partners as an Analyst in 2016, was promoted to Associate in 2018 and Vice President in January 2... Read More

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Katie-Rose Higgins

Vice President

Mr. Bueno joined Falfurrias Capital Partners as a Director in 2019 and is Head of the Strategy and Market Insights Group. Previously, M... Read More

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Nick Bueno

Director, Head of Strategy & Market Insights

Joined Falfurrias Capital Partners in 2014 from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Financial Services practice. Mr. Kilian's assurance teams... Read More

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Matthew Kilian

Director & Chief Compliance Officer

Mrs. Handy joined Falfurrias Capital Partners in July 2018 from Hendrick Automotive Group. Mrs. Handy served as the Accounting Manager ... Read More

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Kate Handy


Mr. Watters joined Falfurrias Capital Partners as an Associate in 2018. Previously, Mr. Watters worked at Sherman & Company, a Char... Read More

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Mark Watters


Mr. Hundley joined Falfurrias Capital Partners as an Associate in 2020. Previously, Mr. Hundley served as a special operations and infa... Read More

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Grant Hundley


Mr. Reckford joined Falfurrias Capital Partners as an Associate in 2019. Previously, Mr. Reckford worked at Bain & Company where he... Read More

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Alexander Reckford

Associate, Strategy & Market Insights

Ms. McGrath joined Falfurrias Capital Partners as an Associate in July 2020. Previously, Ms. McGrath was an equity research associate a... Read More

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Julia McGrath


Mr. Arora joined Falfurrias Capital Partners as an Analyst in 2019. Previously, Mr. Arora interned at UVIMCO, the University of Virgini... Read More

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Vedant Arora


Ms. Washam joined Falfurrias Capital Partners in 2019, bringing 25 years of experience to the team. She serves as Executive Administrat... Read More

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Paula Washam

Executive Administrator

Ms. Sutton joined Falfurrias Capital Partners in 2019 from Foundation For The Carolinas where she was an Executive Assistant to the Exe... Read More

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Bobbie Sutton

Executive Assistant

Ms. Estes joined Falfurrias Capital Partners in 2014 following twenty-three rewarding years with the Charlotte law firm of Robinson, Br... Read More

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Donna Estes

Staff Assistant
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